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Water Damage Restoration

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    Dealing with water damage in a timely manner is crucial, time is of the essence!

    MDV Home Solutions is able to respond rapidly, use advanced equipment, and professional technics to remove bulk amounts of water, quickly. Throughout the process, we will be there to explain every step of the way, communicate with insurance, and help restore your house efficiently to ensure you are always being taken care of.

    We provide our clients with a free estimate including a tailor-made protocol to mitigate all water, and minimalize further damages from occurring in your home.

    We pride ourselves on having high standards, following a protocol developed by the IICRC:


    First and foremost, we pinpoint the exact cause of water and address the water intrusion immediately.


    Identify which category of water is involved in the intrusion.

    • Category 1 water: Clean water
    • Category 2 water: Grey water (water containing any debris)
    • Category 3 water: Black water (contaminated water from sewers)

    Survey the extent of water damage and inspect the premises


    Create a drying log and begin monitoring moisture content and relative humidity at the job site.


    Develop a protocol to quickly and efficiently regulate moisture content and relative humidity


    Remove the bulk of water and any material which is heavily infected beyond restoration.


    Strategically place dehumidifiers and air movers to properly circulate and regulate moisture content and relative humidity.


    Daily inspections by a certified technician, to monitor and record the drying process.


    Once moisture contents and relative humidity are brought down to standard, the water mitigation is completed.


    A detailed report including, drying logs and photo proof for all readings, is composed and sent out.


    Customers Feedback


    "Mike was our technician and he was great. Very knowledgeable and was very helpful in guiding us through the remediation process."
    Everett Adams
    Washington DC


    "The technician performed a thorough job and provided me with a report in time for my closing date as promised! I highly recommend them!"
    Benjamin Hicks
    Sliver Spring, MD


    "They were professional and did a thorough and complete job at a fair price."
    Irene Ellis
    Rockvile, MD


    "I received an estimate with a very reasonable price within a few hours from my appointment and was scheduled to get the work done the very next day! "
    Joe Palmer
    Bethesda, MD


    "He took his time to explain things and was able to answer every question I had.. not to mention his prices are very competitive."
    Emily Pratt
    Baltimore, MD

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