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Mold Remediation

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    Molds are naturally occurring microscopic fungi that can be found almost anywhere. Molds may grow on virtually any organic substance, as long as moisture and oxygen are present.  They can be found in homes on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation. When excessive moisture accumulates in buildings or on building materials, mold growth will often occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or unaddressed. It is impossible to eliminate all molds and mold spores in the indoor environment.

    Why we have a 99% success rate

    Identifying Mold
    Identify suspect mold growth.
    Identify areas with water intrusion.
    Locate areas where water source originates.
    Spectate humidity level and moisture content.
    Building A Plan
    Inspection and developing a protocol.
    Takes between 24 to 48 hours.
    Providing you with a detailed estimate.
    Scheduling an appointment to begin work.
    Discarding contaminated objects.
    Scrub infected cavities and surroundings.
    Apply antimicrobial sterilizers to infected areas & surroundings
    Improve air quality with HEPA air scrubber.
    Replacing \ repairing affected surfaces.
    Drying out any wet surfaces.
    Purifying the air.
    Inspecting completed result.
    mold remediation explained

    Remediation is case dependent but usually, consists of demolition, scrubbing, and applying the antimicrobial solution (sterilizer) Any heavily contained porous materials (that is not needed for structural integrity) will be removed and replaced based on customers decision. Scrubbing removes less than a quarter of an inch from all infected material to physically remove the surface level

    Our Antimicrobial solution kills all mold upon contact and sterilizes the area within an hour. Our antimicrobial solution is safe for all occupants including babies and dogs, so no need to vacate the house

    Before any work is done we set up a full containment, a full containment seals the area so no microbial get airborne and infect the rest of the house, full containment will also create negative air pressure and will have a HEPA air scrubber in order to inside the

    Before & after - Bathroon mold remediation

    The bathroom suffered intensive water and mold damages due to improper ventilation. Exposed down to the beam, and refinished based on the customer's request!





    Our Customers Feedback


    "Mike was our technician and he was great. Very knowledgeable and was very helpful in guiding us through the remediation process."
    Everett Adams
    Washington DC


    "The technician performed a thorough job and provided me with a report in time for my closing date as promised! I highly recommend them!"
    Benjamin Hicks
    Sliver Spring, MD


    "They were professional and did a thorough and complete job at a fair price."
    Irene Ellis
    Rockvile, MD


    "I received an estimate with a very reasonable price within a few hours from my appointment and was scheduled to get the work done the very next day! "
    Joe Palmer
    Bethesda, MD


    "He took his time to explain things and was able to answer every question I had.. not to mention his prices are very competitive."
    Emily Pratt
    Baltimore, MD